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calendar of events May 2024

May 2024 Calendar

Local Events 

Rooted Sonshine wants to be the hub that keeps our community connected by promoting real life events. Check back every month for who, what, and where fills your cup. 

I have been working to make this calendar as hyper local to Liberty Lake as possible because we have so much to offer right here. 

If you want us to feature an event or organization connecting people, let us know!

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April 28

Breakthrough Basketball Shooting & Offensive Skills Camp @ The Hub

April 29

Women's Retreat @ Four Letter Word 

April 30

May 1 

Teen Leadership Council @ Spokane Valley Library 5-6PM

May 2


May 3

Community Book Club @ Liberty Lake Library 10-11:30AM

May 4

Parking lot Pickleball @ Selkirk MS

May 5

PALS support group meeting @ Thomas Hammer 4PM 

May 6

Flower Field Workshop @ Heather Thyme Art 4PM

May 7

May 8

Annual Spring Fling @ Sarah Hamilton FACE 10-6PM

May 9

Soap Making Workshop @ Mulberry Market 6PM

May 10

Covered with Art Mother's Day Girls Night @ Burbity 6PM

May 11

Bike Safety Audit Ride hosted @ Town Square Park 10AM

May 12

Breath and Bubbles @ Terra Yoga 9:30AM

May 13

CVSD School Board Meeting @ 6PM

May 14

Inland NW Marketing Meet-up @ No-Li

May 15

Liberty Lake Kiwanis Meeting @ Liberty Lake Library 7AM

May 16

Professional networking @ Burbity 4:45PM

May 17

NW Improv Fest @ Blue Door Theatre

May 18


May 19

Colors of Scotland Spring Showcase @ RHS 3:30PM


WA State Nonprofit Conference @ Cataldo Hall 2-5PM


May 21

May 22

Give Like a Woman @ Spokane Convention Center 3-5PM

May 23

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27

May 28

May 29

May 30

May 31

June 1


Hearing about things that have happened elsewhere can spark ideas about what you can implement locally.

Weave: The social fabric project "connects and invests in the people weaving our communities together". With newsletters, online communities, recognition, real life practical implementation, and more, Weave fosters communities in small neighborhoods across the country. 

Building community and caring for one another doesn't have to be rocket science, but it is nice when the science backs it up! The advice and inspiration derived from the weaver community is simple, but profound. I was particularly moved by this

"For many weavers, food is the path to opening hearts and creating connections that can then turn into after-school programs, friendships across race or class, support for immigrants or neighbors returning from prison, and any number of other weaving projects. And while it might feel like magic, there’s proof that shared food helps build trust.

Two researchers at the University of Chicago ran a series of experiments to see the effects of eating the same food during negotiations. In one experiment, they asked participants to play the role of a manager and a union representative during salary negotiations. During their discussion, they were served snacks. When the pairs ate the same food, they got to agreement much quicker than when they ate different foods. Sharing food, the researchers found, promotes trust and cooperation. "

Rooted Sonshine loves to highlight local events that are connecting people. If you would like your event featured, let's connect