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Growing Capacity

Does your non-profit know where to find the right grant?

Is your team overwhelmed with the idea of grant management?

Has your school district or city identified a cool grant opportunity, but unable to draft the proposal?

Rooted Sonshine is passionate about empowering non-profits, education institutions, and community initiatives by unlocking new funding opportunities.


Rooted Sonshine cuts through the chaos for YOU! 

Finding the right funding opportunities for your team, organization, or project is a lot of work.

Let Rooted Sonshine use our non-profit, education, and state and local government experience to target attainable and practical funding so that you can focus on what you do best.  


Rooted Sonshine tailors each proposal for YOU!

Seamlessly balancing your unique strengths with specific grant criteria, while also being persuasive, and using details that evoke real emotion is a true art. 

Let Rooted Sonshine use our skilled writers to tell your fascinating story that compels funders to invest in you.  

Workshops & Training

Rooted Sonshine trains your team to increase ROI for YOU! 

Managing your grant is a full time job. The expectations (reviews, impacts, compliance, budgets, reports, etc.) are often daunting and intimidating.

Let Rooted Sonshine use our personalized training to equip your team with the strategies, tools, and confidence so that you can reach your highest potential. 

Are you ready to get your grant written? Use the 'LET'S GO!' button to start!!