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Check out the real life case studies of how Rooted Sonshine has curated specific plans that support individuals, businesses, and organizations to reach higher potential.

Project Execute

(Who) a nonprofit with one staff person and 10 active volunteers  

(What) were struggling to keep their website current and volunteers engaged while working to reach new potential members.

(Results)  Over three months, I created an easy to use process to keep their website updated with current events, implemented an emailing system to track communication with media and volunteers, and organized rinse and repeat strategies to engage potential new members. The updated website had a 25% increase in traffic with 3x that viewing multiple pages. 100% of active volunteers reported  feeling appreciated and committed to ongoing support, while ten new members joined.

Project Review

(Who) a community and government partnership made up of county and state department employees, university representatives, legislators, volunteers, and nonprofits 

(What) wanted to improve and expand a large in person training event.

(Results) I attended the event. I created and disseminated surveys tailored to presenters, attendees, and organizers. I tallied the results of the surverys and followed up with those that provided contact information. I created a report and presented to the team. The following year, I was unable to attend, but there were more attendees and workshops that addressed many of the suggestions for improvement. 

Project Full Cycle

(Who) a government department with 25-50 employees

(What) was experiencing accuracy rates decline while employees reported confusion over the process and how to use a specific tool. 

(Results) Over three months, I collaborated with team members and supervisors to write curriculum for an in-person training. I coached supervisors on how to engage staff using andragogical approaches prior to, during, and post training. I facilitated the initial training, completed a review report, and provided coaching and mentoring for future facilitators.  Leaders reported an increase in accuracy and staff reported increased confidence in using the tool. 

Project Create

(Who) a recruiting and administrative team of 25-50 for a big tech company 

(What) was required to implement a new process and needed documentation that would not hinder productivity.  

(Results) In one month, I collaborated with staff, reviewed current process documentation, and wrote new process documentation that presented the new process as a streamlined version of what staff were already familiar with and confident in.  Productivity remained above standard at 95-99%

Project Create

(Who) an individual who was new to their community 

(What) wanted to expand their impact on social welfare issues by engaging with likeminded folks

(Results) I collaborated in identifying key partners and provided strategies for engagement. I developed a calendar of meetings that targeted people around specific topics of shared interest. Today the group includes interviews, calls to action, and social media. Membership has increased tenfold over two years. 

Project Support

(Who) an individual professional

(What) was struggling with putting the building blocks together to reach his financial and professional goals. 

(Results) I developed an action plan of practical steps designed to elicit boosts of confidence and success while prioritizing health.  

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Celebrating Others

"I have had the privilege of working with Kyla and Rooted Sonshine. She has successfully guided me through events, which has created growth in my small business. Kyla is a great problem solver and knows exactly how to handle the stress and pressure that is placed upon her. Rooted Sonshine is helpful in creating goal oriented growth, while also still providing a local community feel."

~ Chelsea Griffin, Wiggle Worm Sensory


Services in Practice

"Kyla knows the importance of community and makes connections easily. As a small business owner, I’ve seen her make quality connections that will further and add value to your business while also making you laugh and keeping you smiling. A win win for all!"

~ Kelsey Smith, Love At First Latch