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Connection MAKES money!

I previously wrote about the U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community. In that post, I briefed about how Rooted Sonshine was specifically designed to combat the loneliness epidemic.  

In this post, Rooted Sonshine guides business leaders in converting that research into individualized and profitable business strategy. 

Know: Being generous is not synonymous with being unsuccessful. 

Rooted Sonshine uses science to combat the tired notion that profitable businesses are heartless, while aiding you in defining what it looks like for your business to be charitable. 

In the book What’s Our Problem: a self-help book for societies, Tim Urban details an evolution of society from brute force to collaboration to marketing value. What value does your business hold? How does your business express its value? How does your business market that value? 

Remember: Value includes how each customer and employee feels

Feelings will always be paramount in determining value. But as society evolves, so does business. Right now, individual contributors and customers are more than ever invested in knowing exactly how businesses give back. 

Giving back is human connection. That human connection creates an essential feeling to development and personal (and professional) fulfillment. 

Ask: How does your business trigger that valuable feeling in others? How does your business market that intrinsic value?

Giving back is reciprocal if done strategically. Don’t spin your wheels  “doing good” that isn't truly impactful or you will find yourself short on resources and (most importantly) feeling defeated. 

Rooted Sonshine can help you be thoughtful in creating, fostering, and celebrating a business culture that promotes well-being for employees so that society will reap the hefty rewards of a productive and happy workforce.  

Imagine: You are a business leader who is also a trusted beacon in your community!  

The evidence and strategy presented in the advisory combined with the group and individual work of its reviewers, editors, and references provides businesses with a lifetime of impactful opportunities. What it doesn’t provide is a roadmap to practical implementation. 

Rooted Sonshine has the skills to cut through the maze to aid your business in implementing strategies that will connect people. Strategies that can humanize your marketing, grow your brand, or motivate your team - all just human connections resulting in economic opportunity. 

If you or your group is interested in connecting people, send me a message or subscribe to my newsletter