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A calendar of personal challenges and professional exercises

Making GROWTH your priority

A collection of personal challenges and professional exercises 

“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too,” 

 ~ Paulo Coelho, writer of international-bestseller The Alchemist

The simple calendars help you identify and use everyday growth opportunities. 

There are two calendars . . . each with 30 ways to grow . . . 30 different things to explore. There are no dates. You can (and should) start at any time. Don’t wait for a Monday or a new month. Any day is the right day to start moving yourself forward. 

Some will be an action of just a few minutes. Some will be ongoing reflection. Some will have you revisit a past challenge. Some will involve others. But mostly, all the items are designed to help you explore and research new ways to grow - new things to explore and learn about. If it takes you three years to complete or if you never finish because you found something that truly struck a cord with you and you relished in it, that IS success. 


Be Generous While Growing 

Be generous with people. Keep generosity as a priority in everything. Be thoughtful. Be intentional. Invite others to join you. 

Show Respect Through the Growing Pains

Show respect. Even when you disagree. Exhibit grace and gratitude. Understand and appreciate that people are different. 

Exemplify Integrity

Integrity is paramount in creating and maintaining connections. Do what you say. Be honest. Let people hold you accountable. Don’t shy away from adversity. Stand up for others.

Seek and Support Continuous Growth 

Recognize that growth and change is inevitable. Embrace opportunities to grow. Help others do the same. Don’t be embarrassed when you stumble. Try new things. Ask questions. Growth isn’t comfortable. But growth is natural. And growth is necessary.

Remember, you can always add accountability to keep yourself moving!