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Nurturing the Good Stuff . . . Friends of the Bluff

Say 'Hello' to . . . 

Friends of the Bluff, a sustainable, community-supported organization that - through education, outreach, and direct conservation efforts - ensures that the Bluff will always be a protected, healthy, and natural ecosystem, accessible to all who wish to respectfully enjoy it. 

 Volunteer events are the core of Friends of the Bluff's efforts to preserve and protect the bluff. Join HERE.
All-outdoors programs, like Vinegar Flats Farm School, supports the developing social, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of children. 

Bringing the mission to life . . . 

Their mission statement reads, “As Friends of the Bluff, we are stewards of Spokane’s High Drive Bluff Park. Through volunteer efforts, community partnerships, and education, we conserve the area in a natural, sustainable state for multiple users who respect the resource, each other, and wildlife.”

While most of us reap the benefits, Friends of the Bluff are those who literally get their hands dirty. Their affiliated grassroots group, The Doo Crew removes an estimated 3/4 TON of dog waste every year (side note, they are always looking for volunteers). Friends of the Bluff also manages grazing goats as one of the most sustainable ways to [lessen the fire risk] while regenerating healthy soil. They recruit experts to lead free educational bluff walks that range from geology and wildlife to meditation and art to engage more people with and in nature. 

The difference it makes . . .

It's not only about enjoying the outdoors and it doesn't stop at education and conservation. It's also about mental, physical, and emotional health, overall growth, and it's about business. 

Exercising true partnership, Friends of the Bluff encourages the community to patronize their sponsors and partners including Wheel Sport, Rocket Market, Karma Cultivate, and Craven's Coffee

"We strongly believe that businesses that invest in their communities deserve the mutual support - and patronage - of the local community. . . Please show them some love."

Friends of the Bluff is a strong example of service leadership that is doing the work to put people first.  


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