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Nurturing the Good Stuff . . . Sandy Scheschuk

When my Gramma Elsie passed away in 2015, her visitation fell on All Saints Day and her funeral on All Souls Day. She had always been what we referred to in my family as "a little spook" so I took comfort in her being remembered and celebrated and grieved on these days.  I imagined all the ghosts she'd seen over her lifetime were hovering around her - and us.

I am a religious person. I know God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. It makes sense to me that when God calls us home, the rules in paradise are different - so different from the reality that we know here on earth in our physical bodies (and minds) that we can't possibly articulate how or why or what our dead loved ones are experiencing. 

But I am not so naive to think that only folks who share my specific religious perspective can take peace in knowing their loved ones are still here with them. I do believe that the rules transcend not only our understanding, but our individual religious, spiritual, ethereal, metaphysical, supernatural, etc. etc. etc. ideas. 


Say 'Hello' to . . . 

Sandy Scheschuk, a local and professional intuitive, offers mediumship readings to connect with your passed loved ones. 

"Although I've had impactful intuitive and spiritual experiences throughout my life, I didn't grow up with the natural ability of being able to intuitively read others as in depth as I can now. The intuitive and spiritual events that did happen in my life drove my intense curiosity towards the subject, and I was able to develop my intuitive reading and mediumship skills through training with skilled professional teachers," Sandy writes.

"Growing up, I experienced a variety of hap-hazard intuitive/spiritual events that sparked my curiosity towards intuition and the spiritual world. . . Sometimes images would pop into my mind’s eye that were symbolic or metaphorical relating to something I was going through, such as someone sweeping stuff under the rug when I was not wanting to face what I knew deeply to be true. Or as I imagined a future with a certain path, the images would be black and white, paired with a sense of boredom/sadness to indicate that path wasn’t for my highest good. I also received clairaudient messages when the message was really important."


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Sandy continues to develop her intuitive reading and mediumship skills through training with skilled professional teachers including  Suzanne Giesemann’s Sacred Evidence Based Mediumship and Mediumship Mindset Courses,  Intuitive Arts Studio Intuitive Reading Program, Martha Beck Inc. Life Coach Training Program, and more

Values and Mission and Vision . . . 

"I love helping people move from feeling conflicted and indecisive to certainty about what to do next or what direction to head, by uncovering what their intuition is guiding them to do and revealing other helpful intuitive information that can't be known otherwise . . . To make the best decisions, I believe in consulting all sources of information that are available. I'm practical, so I analyze qualitative and quantitative data, but I also highly value the information and guidance that intuition can provide because in my experience, it's never been wrong," she says.

After her dad died, Sandy honed her mediumship skills to learn the nuances of spirit communication. "Evidence-based mediumship involves getting 'evidence' from spirit that can be validated by the client, as opposed to just generalities or vague sentiments. The idea is that to get past the inner skeptic (no matter how much faith we have, we all have some skepticism), the medium aims to receive details from a recognizable passed on loved one, that the medium could not have known or guessed," she explains.

Sandy offers more than just mediumship readings. There are intuitive and chakra readings. She is currently collaborating with BLOOM Mom Tribe on a Winter Spa Retreat to focus on rest, relaxation, and feeling like the best versions of oneself. 


"As an intuitive guide, I offer intuitive readings for people to reveal an extra level of helpful insights about a specific topic or themselves, so they can make confident decisions and take inspired action towards what they want. As an evidential medium, I offer mediumship readings to connect you to your loved ones in spirit, which can help with the grief process, provide closure, answer any questions you may have of your loved ones, provide undeniable evidence that spirit lives on after death, and gives us proof that our loved ones in spirit are with us," Sandy writes.

Bringing the mission to life . . . 

I have known Sandy for three years, and have always been eager to get my husband Travis to schedule a reading with her. He is also a bit of a "spook", but as kids and jobs and vacations and sickness and all the things have taken priority, he hadn't done so. Until yesterday.

I wasn't present for the reading, but Travis talked at length afterward. 

My biggest takeaways were -

1. How she was truly facilitating a conversation between Travis and his grandparents and cousin. She encouraged Travis to ask specific questions and she would relay the vision, feelings, words they gave her.

2. Sandy worked through the process with Travis. Giving him information on what she was seeing, feeling, hearing, and experiencing from his family members, but also engaging Travis through evidence that moved him.

3. Travis felt peace - although I imagine only a fraction of what those family members can now feel. It was clear that his loved ones were happy in their new home while still able to express their intense love for Travis here on earth. The adoration, just like their full reality, was at such a capacity that it surpasses anything he (or I) could comprehend with earthly limitations. 

The difference it makes . . .

2023 was an incredibly difficult year for Travis that included the sudden death of his young cousin. 

When Travis finished his reading, while emotionally drained, he was filled with a renewed sense of confidence and peace.

He was cheered on by his grandparents, who told him that he was on the right path, that he was worthy, and that he was doing all the preparation and work to be the person he wanted and was supposed to be. He felt the protection and guidance from his cousin who presented as the young teenage version of himself as if to best remind Travis of what it was like when he was the big brother he never had.

Sandy's reading connected Travis to his past AND his future. This thread is something that I work to highlight in my work with Rooted Sonshine. The name itself, Rooted SONshine, is a moniker that I selected because it was a visual reminder for me of the importance of connecting my past generations with my future ones. 

"I love how evidence-based mediumship is not only healing and uplifting, but also how it gives people a sense of undeniable faith in the afterlife and certainty that our passed on loved ones are still with us," Sandy says.

And I agree! It's comforting to know that our earthly homes and our eternal home aren't so far apart after all. 
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