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Nurturing the Good Stuff . . . Play Unplugged

Since 2019, I have been seeking (and failing at) a goal of 1000 hours outside.

Studies report that children are getting up to SEVEN hours on screens a day, but as little as 7 MINUTES of unstructured outside play.  

Say 'Hello' to . . . 

Play Unplugged Spokane Valley - our local option of a national program that is all about encouraging kids to put down their electronics, find an activity, and play!

Hosted by, 501c3 nonprofit, Hub Sports Center at Liberty Lake, Play Unplugged Spokane Valley took a hiatus, but is now set to partner with upwards of 20 local businesses and multiple school districts to engage over 6,000 children in getting outside and unstructured play. 

Click the thumbnail to learn more about the program that runs all across the country!

Values and Mission and Vision . . . 

It's a simple concept: challenge children to play. 

"Our goal is to help kids re-engage with the real world, help parents plan a fun and exciting summer and give much needed visibility to local businesses."

The Hub has resources to provide Kindergarten through Third Grade students an official Play Unplugged lanyard, and the children will have to earn "brag tags" by completing challenges throughout the summer. Challenges can include everything from "watching a sunset" to "starting a rock collection" to "interviewing an adult about their job" to "making your bed." Once a child completes a challenge, they must go to the local business that is sponsoring the brag tag specific to the challenge they completed. 

Bringing the mission to life . . . 

Lacy from The Hub is hoping to partner with as many local businesses as possible to best highlight ALL the incredible services in our community. The goal is to bring children and families in to support local businesses while simultaneously building relationships all through something as simple encouraging children to PLAY!

The Hub also plans to host a Brag Tag College in July where kids, families, and businesses can come together in one place and snag multiple tags at once. Play Unplugged works to seamlessly connect community in real practical ways that generates interest, business, and camaraderie. 

Children will see these examples of support. When they see examples regularly, they come to expect that community means that others have an interest in their wellbeing. When children feel supported by their community, they will remain invested in others. 

The nonprofit All For Kids says, "Children grow in the context of their community. As they develop within their smaller community environments (a music circle, an art class, a reading corner) they begin to understand the wider society as a whole — what actions work and do not work, what values, sensitivities, and longings we share. The creation of a local community in early childhood becomes the supportive, positive, uplifting foundation of a child’s life. It helps them to learn about themselves. It helps them learn how to tackle challenges, build knowledge, and thrive."

The difference it makes . . .

Strong children - children who are eager and ready to learn and to help others - are the greatest asset to society. Rooted Sonshine has the resources to help you, your team, or your larger organization learn and practice how to invest in children.
When you are ready to see how fostering children in nature can aid your business, call or email, and Rooted Sonshine will support YOU! 
Rooted Sonshine loves to highlight individuals, businesses, and  organizations that are investing in people. If you have one I should feature, let's connect