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women supporting each other

Seeing the Feeling

  • 2 mins

I spend so much time focusing on how things feel because feelings are what move people. Move people to connect. Move people to grow. Move people to purchase. Move people to vote. Move people to hire. Move people to action.  

History and research has long cemented psychology with marketing. It is a given. 

How to unlock those emotions isn’t as obvious. Short of my son on his birthday or my cursing at a stubbed toe, feelings can often be ambiguous. If feelings aren’t visible, how can you or your team know you are on the right track to connect people?

A good marketer will always be generous with examples, tools, and strategies that support you in meeting your business goals. 

But a community builder will be intentional in joining human connection with economic outcomes. 

What are the action steps you and your team can implement that will incite the feelings that move people to action? That move people to connect?

Will you motivate people?

Will you host a community engagement event?

Will you reach out to aging communities and ask “what can I do to help?” 

Will you write policies that humanize your workplace?

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