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It occurred to me that I am not alone.

As a mother of three boys under the age of five, I often feel alone. Despite having a husband who also works from home with whom I spend most days, I often feel alone. Despite having lots of real life friends whom I see often and even more friends who I connect with via funny meme or quick text, I often feel alone.

I feel alone in my insecurity.

I feel alone in my inability to identify, let alone reach my goals.

I feel alone in what I perceive as my childish plight toward success.

But then it occurred to me that I am not alone.

Because there are many women like me. In this boat with me.

Women who forewent paid work to care for others. Women who spent years making, growing, grieving, birthing, nursing, changing, rocking, and nurturing the next (or the previous) generation of doers, be-ers, creators, leaders, etc. etc.

Women just like me who feel left behind and out of the loop. Women who are grateful to have been afforded invaluable time with those they love, but women who know there is more they want and more they can accomplish in life for themselves, for their families, and for society. But women who feel unwelcome, confused, or overwhelmed by the world where the money and the decisions are made.

Then I looked up synonyms of alone. One being “unescorted.” And then it occurred to me that those with whom I share this journey could benefit from an escort. Rooted Sonshine hopes to be your escort.

I am a woman in my forties with three (still small) children. I have spent exactly ten years mothering. Before mothering, I obtained two degrees and was working toward a third. Before mothering, I had been a published journalist in multiple newspapers. I spoke at national conferences. I led statewide steering committees. I curated and executed curriculum, training, conferences, and more. I testified before judges. Why do I feel the need to legitimize myself by listing these? Because this is the reflex many women like me have.

We feel compelled to explain our worth outside of mothering. Mothering where we balance multiple and competing priorities on the daily and on the fly . . . remain composed and empathetic in high-stress and unpredictable environments . . . exercise resourcefulness and cost-consciousness . . . consistently meet deadlines while maintaining a high standard of work.

There are many, many women just like me. Women who are capable and accomplished. Women who are educated and professional. Women who are dependable and responsible. Women who feel overwhelmed or insecure. Women who need an escort.

If you feel like you can relate, send me a message or subscribe to my newsletter. Rooted Sonshine also offers resources and services designed to support you in achieving best results toward your goals.